Subproject 1

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CUBES Circle

CUBES Circle (SP1) represents the overall vision of the research project. The subproject investigates the project from a holistic perspective while considering the individual innovations as well as their interplay within the CUBES Circle. In terms of sustainability and outputs, attention is not focused on single CUBES, but rather on the CUBES Circle as a whole.

The first objective is the definition of product quality and the identification of indicators (e.g. nutritional values) determining quality. At the same time, sustainability represents the main principle and its interplay with product quality will be investigated. In order to evaluate the eco-efficiency of the production system up front, a novel approach will be pursued that integrates life-cycle-based assessment and scenario development. This enables the generation of a database for material and energy flows right at the beginning of the project. Which, in turn, enables early evaluation and steering possibilities during the development process.

For a holistic system evaluation, SP1 defines application scenarios for the production system, which enable a manifold evaluation of the concept.

The CUBES Circle (SP1) is at the center of the project and is conducted in co-operation of the Division Urban Plant Ecophysiology at HU Berlin and the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology (IWF), TU Braunschweig. The team is pursuing a systemic approach to the integrated design of products and processes in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development (technical, economic and ecological).

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Ulrichs leads the overall project. Within TP1 he is interested in the generic assessment of future food production systems. The interconnectivity of tritrophic systems within certain quality standards and the assessment of those are at the core of his research.



Dr. Christine Werthmann is investigating the reciprocal interaction of quality indicators and sustainabilty. Hereby, social, economic and ecological criteria are considered. She is interested in the nature of the relationsship of both product quality and sustainability and how both can be secured in a production system like CUBES Circle.


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Herrmann


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Lennart Büth, M.Sc.



Felipe Cerdas, M.Sc.